Meet Princess Thea – Cat GODDESS of LIGHT

The true story of how a teenage feline mom became a Goddess . . .

Returning home from Portugal last May, I was greeted by little creatures dancing around my living room. At which time, I thought I need a feline friend to help remedy this situation so I decided to foster a cat. Fortunately a neighbor turned me onto the Bronx Tails Cat Rescue ( run by the wonderful Cecile, who said YES! she was looking for a foster mom – how purrrfect!

A few days later, Cecile brought a very small scared kitty, who quickly hid for 2 days. Thea, as she was named, was brought to Cecile in a cardboard box with another cat and four kittens. The two mommy cats shared feeding the kittens. Eight weeks later, Thea was neutered and that’s when she entered my life.

Cat and kittens

Quite the opposite from my big 18 lb. male black cat, Gato, who died last year. In walks, Thea, a petite, dainty, delicate female white kitty with a pink nose, ears and mouth. With her gray crown on the top of her head and her finicky ways she became Princess Thea.

Cat sleepingInitially she just slept, didn’t play at all, just slept all the time. But as days passed, her friendly, sweet personality began to emerge. Quickly, she became my little muse, striking poses as she looks directly into the camera. She won my heart and all those who meet her as she crawls into their laps and kisses them. Clearly I’m a foster failure – I adopted her.


Recently someone asked about her name. Upon investigation, I learned Thea, in Greek mythology is “Goddess of Light” – oh my what a purrfect name for this beautiful exquisite feline creature! 

Princess Thea, Goddess of Light is a peaceful warrior – just her presence disappeared the mice. She is a healer – crawling into laps, giving love, warm purrs and kitten kisses. And she is keenly sensitive, responsive, agile and now loves to play. Clearly, she is a positive force of beauty, healing and wisdom.

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Princess Thea CAT-THEA-ism for today:
"Darkness to Light to New Beginnings...
Let your inner light shine bright!"
Happy Winter Solstice!!!

Sending warm purrrs and happy holidays & New Year wishes.
Love, peace + blessings,
SuZen + Princess Thea

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