2nd Annual NYC Cat PURRRTY revisited

It's just a week ago, we had the 2nd Annual NYC Cat PURRRTY. Considering the weather was truly dreadful with a Northeastern - it was amazing anyone showed. But to my surprise people came - of course not as many as I had anticipated due to the terrible weather.

All and all it was very beautiful event, if you missed it here's an update. One of the wonderful miracles before the party - after spending hours on the phone wth FedEx, was the samples of my new SuSu.NYC line for Cat Lovers that I ordered to debut at the party actually arrived the day before. YAY! I was thrilled to see how wonderful they came out. Also presented was my new black and red velvet Happy JacCAT, which I'm modeling below. To see it and more go to: www.susu.nyc


 Here's my friend Roberta modeling the DragonFly dress


Also at the PURRRTY were fabulous feline PURRRformances by my dear friend, singer, actress, Louisa Bradford, who sang, "Stray Cat Strut" with Eve Zanni. Jazz diva Eve, a fellow Westbethian, got everyone meowing as we accompanied her as she sang "Everyone Wants To Be A Cat". Behind them are projections of cats that people sent of their cats along with my cats Ari, Gato, Sushi and Sashimi. By the way, Eve is giving free singing classes at Westbeth Community Space on Fridays at 4:30PM - all are welcome!

Here's Louisa Bradford & Eve Zanni singing "Stray Cat Strut":

Here's Eve bringing out participants' inner cat meow: 

Eve singing "Everybody Wants to Be a Cat":

Also appearing was Scott with his daughter, Jane, who wore a large cat head. They shared about how a stray neighborhood cat adopted them and moved in.

Also presenting was Sabine Millauriaux, who spoke about her work as a Feng Shui specialist for pet owners.

Sabine is in the middle smiling. To learn more go to: www.cybelesonline.com.
Her Facebook is feng shui for pet. You can contact her at: cybelesonline@gmail.com

I want to thank my dear friend Becky McCloskey, (sitting on the left) who was painting whiskers and noses as well selling her handmade jewelry. Also thanks to friends Michael Bucher and Arly Fox-Daly for their help as well as Louisa and Eve for their purrrforming and special thanks to all that came to PURRRTY.

Lastly my condolences to Nancy of KittyKind, who was unable to attend due to the death of her sister. By the way, 5% of the purchases from www.susu.nyc are donated to either KittyKind; UNIDOS for Puerto Rico Relief; or Kadampa International Temple Project for World Peace - your choice

Thanks for reading my blog. Love to hear from you and read your comments.

warm purrrs...



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